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Grab A Ladder

A ladder and a warm soapy cloth is all that’s needed at times. One day, when I reached up to pull something off a high shelf in my kitchen I realized, “This kitchen is due for a scrub down!”   I know we never see the top of our cabinets but climbing up and cleaning them is needed every once in a while.   When I finally got up to the top of my cabinets it caused a trickle-down effect. I cleaned the top of…

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Fresh Scent

Sometimes my house just needs a fresh scent. In the spring it’s open windows but during the colder months after the fresh cut Christmas tree is out I need a new scent. It’s on days that all I have time for is to throw the toys in the baskets and run out the door I also try to throw a clean scent in my warmer. When I walk back through the door my house smells fresh and sometimes I’m even motivated to do a quick…

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S is for SINK

IT STARTS WITH THE SINK – by Anna Anna is Getfitafterbaby.com’s resident Home Expert.  She is the Wiz when it comes to keeping a clean house.  Check out more about Anna here.  Something all of us mom’s can daily use tips on.  Each week Anna is going to share with us something new about cleaning, keeping up around your home, decor, and just plain interior perfection.  Take your house from a mess to no stress starting this holiday season!  According to Anna, it starts with…

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